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Graphic Design – We create custom attention-grabbing designs specific to you or your company. 

Logo Design – Whether you have a business logo that needs to be recreated or are starting completely from scratch, we will assist you in designing a logo that brands your business.

Screen printing – traditionally known as silkscreen printing, because actual silk was used in the process, is a very old printing technique. A knitted mesh stretched on a metal or wooden frame is used and the image/logo is transferred (burned) onto the mesh coated with substance called emulsion. The process to prepare the screen for printing and up to the completed product is time consuming. The image/logo is printed on a film, the image is burned onto the mesh, then transfer ink (solvent, plastisol, UV, dye) onto the substrate (e.g. Fabric, T-Shirt, Metal, Plastic, Paper, etc.). There are other steps to this complete process not mentioned and NOTE that each color will require its own screen setup.

Custom T-Shirt Printing – Have a design for a t-shirt in mind and want to see it come to life? Let UiA Graphics make your t-shirt designs a printed reality.

Vinyl Printing – Vinyl printing involves cutting designs into vinyl and peeling (weeding) the vinyl and adhering it to a surface (e.g., T-Shirts and Hats, etc.) with heat by using a heat press. This is a preferred choice for individuals and companies who have simple graphics or logos and small order quantity of 6-12pcs.

Digital Print Production and Large Format - We can take your ready to print digital images and files and print them directly onto surfaces such as fabrics, paper, cardstock, and/or canvases.



Banner Signs – Choose from the various sizes and styles of banners to promote your business: Standard Pull Up Banners 13oz Matte Vinyl (Pull up banners are an effective and portable way to communicate your message at events and shows.), Matte Vinyl Banners and Glossy Vinyl Banners 13oz (Vinyl banners are a cost-effective, portable way of communicating your message in a BIG WAY. Vinyl banners are made of a tightly woven material.  Matte vinyl banners have a duller finish, while Glossy vinyl banners have a shinier finish.)

Mesh Banners – 8oz Polyester Mesh Banners are great for outdoor use. Since air passes through the mesh, it holds up well during windy days and wet days, so you can promote your business anywhere.

Signs – Coroplast Lawn Signs, elections signs, A-Frame Signs 4mm Coroplast,

Plastic and Metal Printing – We print on many substrates and textures, including plastic and metal parts.

Heat Transfer & Sublimation – The difference between Heat Transfer and Sublimation is that Sublimation is best on polyester fabric, mugs, license plates and surfaces treated for Sublimation. Only the ink transfers onto the material. As for standard Heat Transfer, the ink and thin layer of glue on the transfer paper adhere to the material together once heated. Whether the image/logo is a standard Heat Transferred or Sublimation Transfer, we will use a heat press machine to apply the image/logo to your t-shirts.

Embroidery – We convert your logo into a digitized embroidery file that can be stitched onto a cloth surface.

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